How to Find the Right Concealer Shade with AI Tech

How to Find the Right Concealer Shade with AI Tech

Aug 21, 2020 · 3 minutes read
How to Find the Right Concealer Shade with AI Tech

The Emergence of Concealer Shade Finder

While the physical product trial as we once knew it has become a thing of the past, it introduces a new paradigm with the emergence of virtual try-ons environments. These new experiences will rely heavily on augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to offer an accurate, engaging, and a convenient shopping experience to customers.

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With the latest concealer shade finder technology, consumers can now try on more products in a fraction of the time. This offers a huge opportunity for brands, as consumers who may have only swiped on one or two concealer shades at a beauty counter with a physical tester, can now virtually try on the complete collection of all the shades within seconds. Then, as a result of trying more, the consumer is more inclined to buy more.

But the scope of smart beauty technology spans far beyond a hyper-realistic try-on. Advancements in AI and machine learning technologies have enabled more personalized recommendations in consumer shopping experiences including concealer shade finding and foundation shade matching. These advanced no-touch experiences deliver a heightened level of personalization that speaks to individual consumer needs. 

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How to Find the Right Concealer Shade With AI Technology

Empower your beauty brand with Perfect Corp.'s state-of-the-art AI-powered technology. Our cutting-edge shade finder technology is poised to revolutionize the way you offer concealer selections to your discerning customers.

Step 1: Enable Camera Access on Mobile Devices

By seamlessly integrating camera access on mobile devices, your brand can provide an effortless, personalized experience that sets you apart in the beauty industry.

Step 2: AI Analyzes User's Skin Tone

Our state-of-the-art AI concealer shade finder will precisely analyze the user's skin tone. Our AI system, meticulously designed for precision, accurately assesses each user's unique skin tone, instantly generating a "best match" concealer shade recommendation. This level of customization ensures that your customers will find their ideal concealer shade, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Step 3: Instant Concealer Shade Recommendations

In a matter of seconds, the AI concealer shade finder will present the user with personalized concealer shade recommendations and help them find the right concealer shades. The technology allows for easy personalization, enabling users to adjust concealer intensity levels, and tailoring their search to match their preferences. This advanced feature ensures that your brand's products cater to the diverse needs of your clientele.

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The Capabilities of Concealer Shade Finder

By simply enabling the camera on a mobile device or web page, Perfect Corp. provides the most accurate skin tone detection and concealer shade finder.

The AI deep learning algorithm detects the full spectrum of skin tones from a database of 89,969 shades with unlimited grades from light to dark, and true undertones from warm to cool.

The Technology Behind AI Concealer Shade Finder

The strength of Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on comes from the AgileFace® Tracking Technology. It offers an unparalleled virtual try-on experience in terms of inclusivity.

With this tech, customers can experience the highest level of precision, encompassing facial attributes across all ethnicities. Whether they have round or oval face shapes, wide or narrow noses, or defined or flat cheekbones, the technology will accurately apply makeup effects accordingly.

AgileFace® Tracking Technology can be integrated across multiple channels, including all the major web browsers, apps or in-store smart makeup mirrors, and more. The possibilities are endless for beauty brands and their customers.

Smart Makeup Mirror Detects Skin Condition, Integrates Virtual Makeup Try-on Features, and Much More.

Smart Retail Is on the Rise

In-store virtual makeover experiences can already be seen at Estee Lauder, MAC, and Nordstrom retail locations—all powered by Perfect Corp.’s hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-ons.

Many brands have also launched experiential e-commerce solutions, like Make Up For Ever’s and Estée Lauder’s AI Shade Match foundation finder for web.

Concealer Shade Finder FAQs:

1. What are the 4 types of skin tones?

The 4 types of skin tones include light. fair. medium and deep (dark). For all kinds of skin tones, the AI Concealer Shade Finder is able to find a perfect concealer shade easily.

2. Which concealer shade is best for fair skin?

AI technology is able to deliver a best-matched concealer shade color for every skin tone, and provide suggested shades based on the user's unique skin tone. Learn more >

3. How do you match the foundation with concealer?

AI can make the process of matching your foundation and concealer easy. All you need to do is enable your smartphone or web camera, and based on your current foundation color and your unique skin tone, AI is able to find a perfect concealer shade, and provide the suggestions of cooler or warmer shades. Learn more >

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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