Smart Makeup Mirror: The Complete Guide 2024
AI/AR Makeup

Smart Makeup Mirror: The Complete Guide 2024

Sep 17, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Smart Makeup Mirror Detects Skin Condition, Integrates Virtual Makeup Try-on Features, and Much More.

As AR virtual try-on technology advances, it's becoming increasingly sophisticated. Beauty brands may overlook opportunities that could potentially further grow their sales figures using virtual try-on. In this article, we will go into great detail to show you the complete picture of smart makeup mirror (virtual mirror) virtual try-on usages in all product categories and all deployment options for e-commerce sites, cross-border e-tailer platforms, social platforms, Google Search, live commerce platforms, mobile app, and in-store.

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What is Smart Makeup Mirror (Virtual Mirror)?

These virtual try-on experiences can be so hyper-realistic that for users the experience may seem like a magical mirror—allowing them to change hair color, lipstick shades, brows, eye colors or foundations instantly with a few taps of a finger.

It is difficult to overstate the impact this magical smart makeup mirror experience has on customers, and the enormity of opportunity this provides for the Beauty Industry.

Done well, the AI smart makeup mirror experience can surely entice customers, whether helping them to engage with your own brand, or letting them participate in a virtual try-on marketplace that enables consumers to try on products from a range of vendors—creating their own looks.

Either way, smart beauty mirror virtual makeup transforms the online beauty shopping experience into a journey of exploration and entertainment... entertainment so captivating that dwell time soars, as do sales.

Putting Leading Edge Smart Makeup Mirror Technology to Work

The Perfect Corp. AR makeup try-on is powered by patented AgileFace® Tracking, which is at the core of virtual try-on experiences

This revolutionary smart makeup mirror technology improves jitter-free AR performance by 200%, and brings a significant 20% improvement in AR overlay accuracy.

All of this contributes to hyper realistic virtual makeup experiences, allowing users to try on unlimited products prior to purchase, further enhancing the fully-digital shopping experience.

▲Perfect Corp.'s Smart Makeup Mirror provides a highly accurate virtual try-on experience powered by patented AgileFace® Tracking technology.

Beyond AR try-on, AI continues its rise as a powerful tool for enabling additional beauty tech applications. AI similarly allows users to undergo high precision skin health analysis, detecting more than a dozen common skin health concerns instantaneously.

Additional digital beauty services like hair color try-on, product recommendations, AI-powered 3D Eyewear and 3D jewelry, and more, are all examples that support even more personalized customer journeys.

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Click Here to Experience Virtual Makeup Try On

'Smart Makeup Mirror' Tech - What Beauty Brands Have to Say

The precision technology—as well as the artistry—that Perfect Corp. brings to creating its AI-powered AR products is sought after by industry leaders looking to provide their customers with the ultimate virtual try-on AR experiences. Here’s what some of our industry partners have to say:

'Smart Makeup Mirror' Tech - What Beauty Brands Have to Say

▲Brands that partnered with Perfect Corp. and adopted the Virtual Makeup Mirror technology.

“Estée Lauder is the type of company that looks at every bit of technology out there, so we've tried and tested, piloted, and used many different vendors in this space. Perfect Corp stood out from others because of the realism captured by its YouCam technology. We had to make sure that, especially as a luxury brand, everything with virtual try-on appeared to the customer in the most realistic way possible, and that’s what we found with Perfect Corp’s YouCam.”
- Jon Roman, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Online, Estée Lauder

“Here at Benefit Cosmetics, we see augmented reality as absolute table stakes in the world of beauty. AR isn’t the future. AR is now. So, we needed a partner that had the technical competency and artistry to create a holistic try-on experience for our customers. And that is exactly what Perfect Corp was able to provide... Precise facial-point detection is extremely critical when dealing with hair particles, hair movement and mobility. Perfect Corp has the best facial-point detection we’ve seen.”
Emily Dybwad, Director, Global Digital Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics

“We were all blown away by the accuracy of Perfect Corp’s AI and AR. The color went onto the hair in a completely natural way. It actually works with the tone of your natural hair color, which means that each of our Punky colors looks different on every person depending on their base hair color. … It was amazing just to watch the expressions on faces as our team went from one color to the next. People were just amazed and delighted... Since launching Ardell on YouCam a few years ago, we’ve had half a billion virtual lash try-ons globally. These numbers far surpassed our highest expectations.”
- Marwan Zreik, Vice President, American International Industries

“When we were out in the marketplace, the things that we saw just weren't anywhere near the level of real-time AR visualization that Perfect Corp could do.”
- Corey O’Neal, Senior Product Manager at Madison Reed

“When we tried the Perfect Corp AR experience, we were all impressed by how it brought color and the texture to life. It was as if you were engaging with our products through a live try-on. This realism was critical for us because we didn’t want to offer our consumers an experience that didn’t feel real... Perfect Corp gives us the augmented reality technology to provide our consumers with an amazing, personalized, discovery experience.
- Ekta Chopra, VP of Digital, e.l.f. Cosmetics

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“We met with other companies as part of our due diligence, but the quality of Perfect Corp.’s technology is just unparalleled. And when offering readers an AR virtual try-on experience, quality is everything. The high quality of Perfect Corp.’s AR means that our readers want to come back and do it again and again and again...When we pulled the metrics, we found that reader engagement for our AR offerings were three times greater than our non-AR digital ads.”
- Peachy-Jean Retizos, Senior Manager, Innovation, Meredith Corporation

“We're a beauty brand, and that's where our specialty and dedication lays. Perfect Corp has a passion for creating amazing technology. Together, we're trying to push the boundaries in terms of providing innovative experiences for our guests on the site and at the salon. Working with Perfect Corp. we are able to tap into a technology pipeline that helps us continue to bring new experiences to our guests and our Aveda Artists.”
- Heather Lockwood, Director, Digital Transformation and Strategy at Aveda

“We see at least 33% of those who go through our color quiz and then explore hair colors using our AR Virtual Try-On Tool, convert to purchasing.”
- Tyler Wozny, Vice President of Digital Experience, Madison Reed

“It’s not about just technology for the sake of technology. What we are developing for the Estée Lauder brand is technology to enhance the consumer experience.”
- Stephane de La Faverie, Global Brand President, Estée Lauder

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The Capabilities of Smart Makeup Mirrors

Beauty experts and novices alike would agree that finding the right makeup product can be a challenging, stressful, and time-consuming process. First and foremost, you want to make sure the product matches your skin tone and undertone, as well as your eye color and hair color.

Most people also want to have multiple shades and color palettes in their arsenal to be able to create versatile makeup looks for different occasions. So, the task at hand becomes even more frustrating and tedious.

To top it all off, certain beauty rituals, such as eyebrow shaping or hair color changes, cannot be easily reversed or fixed if done incorrectly. It’s easy to see why so many beauty shoppers would rather look for a needle in a haystack than commit to finding the best lipstick or foundation shade.

This is why it is so significant that the AI and AR technology is here to help. Trying on 30 different shades of lipstick in 30 seconds is no longer a product of imagination, but rather an integral part of the beauty shopping journey.

Ever wondered what you would look like with pink hair, but were too scared to try? Now you can see the result instantly and without regrets. And no need to cover your arm with an endless trail of foundation swatches to find your perfect match. 

All you need to do is turn on your device’s camera, then just click a few buttons on your smartphone and enjoy the smart makeup mirror experience.

There’s no doubt that AI & AR beauty technologies have significantly streamlined and simplified the consumer decision-making process and will continue to grow in importance. Beauty tech provides consumers with more choices than ever before and helps find the right product easily and effortlessly, while adding an element of entertainment to the entire process.

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Below, we explore beauty tech use cases for different makeup product categories, deciphering the intricacies of the virtual try-on and illustrating how it improves the consumer shopping experience.

Lipstick Virtual Try-On | Lipstick Shade Finder

Click here to experience the lipstick shade finder and matcher.

When it comes to lipstick virtual try-on, merely overlaying various shades over the user's lips is not enough. We need to take into consideration the lipstick’s texture, intensity, and application patterns, as well as each user’s individual characteristics, in order to deliver a highly realistic try-on experience. Perfect Corp.’s AR Virtual Makeup technology goes above and beyond basic essentials to fulfill consumer needs.

  • Unlimited Number of Shades: Since all lipstick shades are represented by RGB color codes, there is essentially no limit in the number of lipstick shades that can be recreated for the virtual try-on. Even the most complicated and sophisticated shades can be easily recreated virtually.
  • Multiple Shade Patterns: The YouCam Makeup platform offers five different lipstick shade patterns. Users can try single colors, two-tone colors (different colors on upper and lower lips), ombre shades (gradient color effects between inner and outer lips), lip liners and even lip art. Trying on anything other than a single lip color while shopping at a physical store would be quite problematic and time-consuming,  but smart makeup mirror technology makes it easier than ever.
  • Various Realistic Textures:  Finding the right lipstick finish is just as important as choosing the correct color. The process usually entails extensive arm swatching and doesn’t always guarantee satisfying results. YouCam Makeup technology provides eight different realistic lipstick textures for consumers to try on from satin, and sheer to metallic, and more!  Users can easily adjust the intensity of each with the virtual smart makeup mirror, just like you would in real life by varying the number of coats you apply.

Fact Sheet for AR Virtual Lipstick Shade Finder & Matcher

5 Types of supported lipstick patterns:

  • Single Color
  • Two-tone Colors 
  • Ombre Shades
  • Lip Art
  • Lip Liner (with 6 types of special patterns)

8 Types of supported textures:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Sheer
  • Gloss
  • Shimmer
  • Metallic
  • Holographic
  • Transparent gloss

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Eyebrow Virtual Reshape with Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience eyebrow reshaping. 

Finding the right eyebrow shape and shade that suit one’s facial features is a herculean task. Many women (and men) have fallen victim to over plucking their eyebrows or had an appearance of perpetual surprise due to improperly arched brows. With beauty tech, all these issues can be easily avoided.

AR Makeup Real-World Applications on Smart Makeup Mirrors

▲Benefit adopts virtual makeup mirror technology to create a better shopping experience for customers.

Perfect Corp.’s virtual brow try-on (which powers Benefit's brow try-on) allows users to get a clear visualization of how the new eyebrows would look in real-time live video. The following attributes can be easily adjusted to find that perfect eyebrow: color, arch, thickness, definition, position, and intensity. Similar to lipstick, eyebrow shades are virtually unlimited and can be configured using RGB codes.

Fact Sheet for AR Virtual Brow

Number of eyebrow shapes/patterns: 30
(Customized brow shapes can be added easily)

Type of supported brow adjustments:

  • Arch adjustment
  • Thickness adjustment
  • Definition adjustment
  • Position adjustment
  • Intensity adjustment

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Launch virtual try-on for your eyebrow projects

Blush Virtual Try-On with Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience blush virtual try on. 

Choosing the right shade of blush that fits your complexion is a delicate process. The perfect color will make you look naturally flushed and dewy, but if you pick the wrong one, you might end up with clown cheeks. To make things even more complicated, the right shade of blush might depend on your eye color, your overall makeup palette, current season, and even the outfit you’re wearing.

With beauty tech, you can virtually try on multiple blush shades and patterns in a matter of seconds to find the perfect one. The YouCam Makeup platform provides 31 different blush patterns and an unlimited number of shades, configured using RGB codes. You can also experiment with textures to see which one looks best: matte, satin, or shimmer.

Fact Sheet for AR Virtual Blush

Number of patterns: 31
(Customized blush patterns can be added easily)

Types of textures:

  • matte
  • dewy
  • shimmer

Eye Makeup Virtual Try-On with Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience the demo:

Eye makeup can easily be an art form in its own right, considering how much time and effort goes into creating that perfect cat eye makeup or the smoky eye look. Simply achieving the perfect winged eyeliner might be a lifelong endeavor. However, virtual eye makeup try-on powered by Perfect Corp.’s innovative technology (for example, see Bobbi Brown's virtual try-on) will free up a lot of your time.

virtual eye makeup try-on demo and example

▲Users are able to try various eye makeup options in seconds with an augmented reality mirror powered by beauty tech.

Users have 40 eyeliner and 125 false eyelash patterns to choose from, as well as numerous eyeshadow patterns to satisfy even the most demanding makeup connoisseurs. Eyeshadow patterns come in many different combinations: from simple single-color palettes to complex 5-color combinations. Users can also alternate between two eyeshadow textures: matte and shimmer. Experimenting with eye makeup and expressing your creativity has never been easier.

Fact Sheet for AR Virtual Eye Makeup

Supported eye makeup product categories:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelashes
  • Color contacts


Number of supported eyeshadow patterns: 500+

  • Various combinations of patterns, ranging between single color up to 5-color palettes
  • Customized palettes can be added easily

Types of eyeshadow textures:

  • Matte
  • Shimmer

Number of eyeliner patterns: 40
(Customized eyeliner patterns can be added easily)

Number of eyelash patterns: 125

(Customized eyelash patterns can be added easily)

  • Various eyelash designs, with upper lash only, lower lash only, and both upper & lower lashes.

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See how virtual makeup try-on works in person

Highlighter, Contour, and Bronzer Virtual Try-On with Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience the demo:

Highlighter, contour, and bronzer are like magic wands that instantly make you look refreshed, radiant, and sun-kissed, even in the midst of winter.

They can be used together or individually to enhance one’s facial features and add a beautiful, glowy quality to the skin. However, if applied incorrectly or excessively, they might get the Tin Man effect instead.

So, in order to look like you just returned from a tropical vacation, you not only need to pick the right shade of highlighter/bronzer/contour based on your skin tone and undertone, but also master elaborate application techniques for each product and invest into proper application brushes.

Fortunately, Beauty Tech allows you to experiment with various shades, patterns, and textures of highlighter, contour, and bronzer in the comfort of your home.

The YouCam Makeup platform offers five different patterns of each product for users to try on, and the highlighter also comes in three different textures: matte, dewy, and shimmer.

Fact sheet for AR Virtual Highlighter, Contour, and Bronzer

Number of patterns for each product: 5
(Customized patterns can be added easily)

Types of highlighter textures:

  • Matte
  • Dewy
  • Shimmer

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See how virtual bronzer works in real-life

Foundation and Concealer Virtual Try-On on Smart Makeup Mirror

Click here to experience the demo:

Foundation is by far one of the toughest makeup products to buy, considering all the shades, finishes, formulas, and coverage levels currently available on the market. Ideally, the perfect foundation shade should totally match your own skin and enhance it, without looking patchy or cakey. But how do you find The One? You need to know your skin tone and under tone, consider your skin type (normal, dry, oily, or combination), take into account the current season (our skin tone tends to warm up if we spend more time outdoors), and make sure you try the foundation in natural daylight.

The steps to finding the right concealer are quite similar. Though the issue here is even more complex since different skin concerns require different concealer shades and textures. If you want to cover up your dark circles, you need to go with a slightly warmer shade to avoid obvious white circles. If your concern is redness (acne, red spots, etc.), then a greenish tone would work best. If you have dark spots that you wish to hide, then your best bet would be orange- and peach-based concealers.

Even if you do your research and are well-equipped when you go shopping, how do you find the right foundation and concealer among a myriad of brands? Again, Perfect Corp.’s beauty technology can help you make the right choice — just see how it powers the Make Up For Ever Shade Finder.

When users virtually try different foundation shades with AI Shade Finder, the foundation not only covers the user’s face, but is also applied around the neck area, mimicking the real-world try-on process and delivering a highly realistic effect. Similar to other makeup products mentioned above, brands have unlimited foundation and concealer shades at their disposal, configured using RGB codes.

Users can even adjust the intensity of the foundation coverage, simulating various thickness levels. There are also two textures to choose from: matte and glow.

Fact sheet for AR Virtual Foundation and Concealer

Supported type of adjustments:

  • Coverage intensity: simulate various thickness levels of the foundation

Supported type of foundation textures:

  • Matte
  • Glowy

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Explore how brands leverage virtual try-on for matching each customer with the perfect foundation shade

3D Glasses Virtual Try-On on Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience the eyewear try on 

All of us, at some point in our lives, have to go through the time-consuming and tiresome process of picking the right eyewear. Whether you need a pair of prescription eyeglasses to wear on a daily basis or want stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, finding the perfect design is not easy. You need to take into consideration your face shape and find frames that complement your facial features while adding symmetry and balance.

Furthermore, such factors as your skin tone, eye color, and hair color may determine which frame color would look best on you. Finally, the right eyewear should match your personality and lifestyle. Many people express their individuality through eyeglasses and even make them a part of their identity.

Explore how does virtual eyewear work

With so many things to consider, it’s best to turn to Perfect Corp.’s AR 3D Glasses virtual try-on solution. The technology can bring to life an entire eyewear product line, from basic day-to-day glasses to high-end designer shades. Consumers can find the perfect pair in a matter of seconds, instead of spending countless hours trying different eyeglasses in real life.

The biggest advantage of the AR 3D Glasses service is how quickly and easily it can be set up and implemented. You don’t need to deal with complicated 3D scanning and advanced modeling methods — Perfect’s technology automatically creates 3D virtual glasses renderings using only three product images.

The solution even allows brands to add different reflections and light effects to the lenses to further elevate the experience and enhance the visual aesthetic. With AR 3D Glasses try-on solution, consumers’ lives are made easier and brands can connect with shoppers in a more exciting, interactive way. A win-win scenario for all.

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See how virtual eyewear works with smart makeup mirror

Hair Color Virtual Try-On on Smart Makeup Mirrors

Click here to experience the demo. 
How fun would it be if you could experiment with different hair colors (as available on Aveda's virtual hair color try-on) on a daily basis, without actually dyeing and damaging your hair? Perfect Corp.'s AI Hair Color Try-On service has made this dream a reality. With the augmented reality mirror you can easily try multiple hair colors, from pink to green to brown and even ombre and two-color shades in a matter of seconds.

Finding the right hair color before committing to one in real life has never been easier. The YouCam Makeup hair color virtual try-on is highly realistic and the color overlays your hair perfectly, even if you move your head. So, don’t be surprised if your friends ask for your hairdresser’s number after you post a selfie with teal hair on social media.

 hair color virtual try-on demo and example

Fact sheet for AR Hair Color

Supported type of color effects:

  • Single Color
  • Ombre
  • Two-Tone
  • Pigmented Color
  • Metallic Color

The quest for the right makeup products or the perfect hair color shade is riddled with challenges, confusion, and hassle. It’s a never-ending process of trial and error.

The creation of AI and AR beauty technology has made this journey more enjoyable, interactive, efficient, and playful. There is no doubt that the technology will continue to evolve to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Hair Color Virtual Try-On on Smart Makeup Mirrors

Omnichannel Touchpoints for Smart Makeup Mirrors: A Wealth of Deployment Options

AI-powered augmented reality mirror is such a powerful Beauty Tech tool that brands have found a wealth of deployment opportunities. The concept is to reach your customers wherever they might be, providing an entry into the powerful and captivating realm of virtual try-on experiences. Ideally, you provide 360-degree deployments — meeting your customers on whatever path they take to your site.

Omnichannel Touchpoints for Smart Beauty Mirrors: A Wealth of Deployment Options

From Offline to Online: Embedding Smart Makeup Mirror Technology to

The COVID-19 pandemic had greatly accelerated the move toward online shopping, which means it has also put greater pressure on the Beauty Industry to provide virtual try-on experiences on their websites in order to better attract and hold visitors.

Embedding Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on web module into your organization’s website is an efficient and compelling path for giving your customers the joy of diving into AR virtual try-on for your productsjust take a look at the Estée Lauder virtual try-on experience. Embedding beauty tech into your website provides a popular alternative to creating your own downloadable application—which can also be powered by Perfect Corp.'s makeup SDK.

Making it Easier for Customers

A key reason for embedding beauty tech into your website is that it removes the threshold of asking a user to download your own mobile app. Instead, your customers can immediately start trying your products using YouCam Makeup as an augmented reality mirror. For your customer, the chance to dive into virtual try-on is frictionless, instantaneous. This is a great way to win repeat visitors, increase dwell time, and size of purchases.

Faster Time to Market

Embedding a readily available AR virtual try-on solution also means you can get your virtual try-on experience up and running without the time sink of application development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Just plug into our existing—and continually evolving—industry-leading technology. Perfect Corp. also makes it seamless to integrate online commerce, so once your customers find the look they like on YouCam Makeup, they can make the purchase.

Integrated Customer Research

Behind the scenes, Perfect Corp.'s Brand Console gathers extensive high-value data to help you fine tune your offerings. YouCam Makeup’s user-friendly console dashboard provides analytics reports on consumer behaviors and preferences to help small and medium brands identify emerging trends and market opportunities to maximize sales.

Examples of the data points provided in the brand console:

  • Active users
  • Unique users
  • Sessions
  • Impressions
  • Number of Try-outs (per SKU)
  • Number of Try-outs (per look)
  • Color preferences
  • User engagements

Using these data points, brands can help recognize which shades see the most try-ons, and how consumers are interacting with their products. Research and development teams, as well as marketing teams, can further use this information to determine future product launches and possible marketing campaigns.

Supercharge Your Business with Beauty Tech

Smart Makeup Mirror Experience for E-Commerce & E-Tailer Sites

Perfect Corp. YouCam Makeup is a powerful tool for integration with e-commerce sites. While sites typically provide virtual try-on for just their own products, a general e-commerce beauty site, carrying products from multiple vendors, can use smart beauty mirror YouCam Makeup technology to give customers the ability to try on makeup from multiple vendors at the same time.

This provides a rich experience in which a consumer might go to a favorite brand for foundation, and then go to another company for lipstick, another for eye shadow, and still another for hair color. YouCam Makeup's virtual try-on enables a seamless AR virtual try-on experience for such multi-vendor exploration, which in turn drives brand recognition and sales as consumers mix and match brands to achieve their own custom looks.

Smart Beauty Mirror Experience for E-Commerce & E-Tailer Sites

▲ Alibaba Group integrated smart beauty mirror technology into its online shopping sites.

Perfect Corp. has entered into a global strategic partnership with the Alibaba Group. to seamlessly integrate its advanced YouCam Makeup AR virtual try-on technology into Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall online shopping sites. The intention is to elevate the beauty shopping journey by bringing innovative new virtual tryouts to consumers in China.

“In the next three years, innovative technology will be the key to driving increased sales,” said Mike Hu, GM of Tmall FMCG, Alibaba Group. “Especially in the beauty industry, technology will bring the biggest change for young generations to purchase products. We need the innovative technology to level up the consumer experience, and … to fulfill the demands of our customers.”


Click here to experience the Shopify sample store.
Shopify has incorporated YouCam Makeup to bring virtual makeup try-on capabilities to Shopify beauty merchants. The YouCam Makeup for Shopify plug-in features 25 themed template designs and true-to-life color and texture matching for a seamless integration directly onto Shopify beauty e-commerce sites, providing hyper-realistic virtual beauty AR try-on to shoppers. The YouCam Makeup app is like a magical augmented reality mirror that allows Shopify consumers to virtually try on makeup products in real time via live camera mode, delivering a try-before-you-buy digital experience to help with more confident purchase decisions and an improved consumer shopping experience on e-commerce.

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Smart Makeup Mirror Experience for Social Media

The use of social media has exploded in recent years, and even more so with the advent of the pandemic. Active monthly users for many sites are measured in the billions. Figures from Statista place Facebook at 2.7 billion active monthly users as of October 2020, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp at 2 billion each, Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion, WeChat at 1.2 billion, Instagram at 1.15 billion, TikTok at 689 million, and Snapchat at 433 million.

A virtual meeting space like social media represents a digital territory so vast it can’t be ignored. In fact, embracing social media is essential to a 360-degree strategy. So, the Beauty Industry has been swift to move into the space. Perfect Corp. provides the industry with the AI-powered AR to bring virtual try-on to these billions of consumers.

Perfect Corp. Contact Us

Here’s a look at some of the social media platforms using Perfect Corp. technology, including YouCam Makeup:

YouTube AR brings Smart Makeup Mirror Experience to Online Viewers

Perfect Corp. is collaborating with Google to enable brands to offer YouCam Makeup’s AI-powered AR try-on features on YouTube. Through the partnership, brands will be able to plug a catalog of beauty AR products from the YouCam Makeup platform into YouTube’s InStream Video Ads. From there, viewers can simply rotate their phone to vertical portrait mode, hit the “try on” button and start sampling products.

▲Bring smart beauty mirror experience to your YouTube viewers!

With just a couple of taps, a shopper can digitally apply products such as lipsticks and eye shadows and then open the brand’s mobile site or eCommerce site to make a purchase. Brands that are currently working with Perfect Corp. and have completed a pilot program for YouTube AR video ads include Estée Lauder, Benefit, as well as e.l.f. cosmetics.

AR Makeup Try-On for Snapchat

Perfect Corp. and Snap Inc. have teamed up to integrate augmented reality beauty product try-on experiences into Snapchat, allowing over 200 beauty brands to create virtual storefronts on the platform. Retail Dive reports that “Snapchat campaigns that have shoppable AR lenses experienced 2.4 times higher action intent lift than the third quarter average.” The article also writes: “According to Snapchat, its young audience is highly engaged with AR, with more than 180 million users engaging with AR features every day.”

AR Makeup Try-On for WeChat (Mini Program)

Perfect Corp. has partnered with Benefit Cosmetics to introduce its Brow Try-On AR program within the brand’s flagship WeChat official account. This service—the first of its kind in WeChat mini programs—will allow online beauty shoppers in China to experience YouCam Makeup-powered real-time virtual Brow Try-On to instantly find the right eyebrow shapes and styles for their faces.

WeChat (Smart Beauty Mirror Mini Program)

In addition to experimenting with the interactive virtual Brow Try-On to visualize various eyebrows with the augmented reality mirror, once the user finds the most suitable eyebrow style, he or she can easily book an appointment through WeChat at one of the Benefit’s BrowBars to have the desired look recreated by a Benefit beauty expert.

AR Makeup Try-On Douyin (Mini Program)

Perfect Corp. introduced the first-ever AR makeup try-on mini program for the Douyin platform, a video-sharing social networking service popular in China. The AR virtual try-on solution appeals to Gen Z users, who are looking for fun, playful, interactive experiences on (and off) the platform. This one-of-a-kind AR beauty solution creates a unique digital experience that blends together entertainment, interactive elements, and video commerce content. Mini program supports multiple categories of makeup products, as well as AI-powered foundation shade finder and AI-powered skin diagnostic. Now beauty brands have a new way to connect and engage with nearly 600 million daily active users on Douyin.

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Google Search App Integrates the Smart Makeup Mirror (AR Try-On) Experience

Google has significantly extended the reach of virtual try-on with the launch of a new feature that integrates Perfect Corp.'s virtual makeup try-on service with Google search app.

online beauty advisor

▲Google search app integrates the smart makeup mirror experience.

Writing about the collaboration, Allure magazine reports: “Using the Google app, when you search for a specific lipstick or eye shadow, you will be able to see what it looks like on a range of skin tones, compare shades and textures, and virtually try on the products to help you find the perfect match. Brands included in this feature are L'Oréal Paris, MAC, Black Opal, Charlotte Tilbury, and more.”

Integrate Virtual Try-on into Your Social Media

Live Commerce with AR Makeup Try-On

Click here to experience the AR live streaming demo.
YouCam Makeup technology supports live commerce for both web and mobile, which is a very hot trend in China, and one which could well spread to the rest of the world. Live commerce refers to live-streamed programs in which celebrities, social media influencers, and anyone else with a desire to do so, apply makeup in dramatic fashion, invite two-way communication with viewers, and attempt to sell whatever they are demonstrating.

online beauty advisor

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Webretailer explains it this way: “ Influencers, live video streaming, social media, gamification and ecommerce have been combined into one chaotic and addictive shopping experience.” The magazine goes on to note: “When it comes down to it, ecommerce in the US is pretty boring. Online shopping in the west has been dominated by functional needs: fast product selection, low pricing, efficient shipping and so on. We want something, we find it, we buy it and we receive it. Just make all that as fast and easy as possible. But while we’ve been bogged down in simply making ecommerce work for the last twenty years, China has been innovating in a completely different direction. Younger audiences there are shopping through live video streams hosted by Taobao (Alibaba) and other platforms. It’s huge, with estimated annual sales of $66 billion and growing fast.

Virtual try-on has an important role to play in live commerce, as it can be used to allow viewers to try on the exact products being used by the live stream hosts.

Online Beauty Advisor Services through Smart Makeup Mirror Experience

Online beauty advisor services represent new ground in the push for ever more personalized online experiences. Using Perfect Corp. AI-powered AR, beauty companies can offer their customers the opportunity to interact in real-time for one-on-one beauty consultations.

Online Beauty Advisor Service with AR virtual try-on integrated

Consumers can connect with a personal beauty consultant for a private video consultation on their mobile device. Beauty lovers can experience a complete virtual makeover or single product trial from the comfort of their own home. Customers can get instant answers to all their beauty and makeup queries, while beauty pros can promote your products in real time. Beauty advisors help identify the best colors for your skin tone, find your most flattering makeup styles, and address your unique beauty needs. Along the way, customers can seamlessly purchase all the products instantly in-app.

Smart Makeup Mirror SDK for Mobile Apps

Ideally, your site should have a virtual try-on app embedded into your website, as described above... and your own custom downloadable application for returning customers who want to deepen their connection. This is part of the 360-degree approach of attracting and holding customers. Fortunately, YouCam Makeup's AR Makeup SDK can power them both. Just as YouCam Makeup can be integrated into your website as a virtual makeup mirror, it can also be easily integrated into your own mobile apps. This creates a natural upgrade path for customer engagement: Capture their engagement with the embedded website app, and then provide incentives to download your custom mobile app.

Offering Deeper Personalization

One of the strengths of deploying your own mobile app is that you know who each customer is. A mobile app enables you to track past browsing and purchasing history to provide customized content and offers. Customers value such personalized services, especially within the realm of virtual try-on. By incorporating YouCam Makeup into your mobile app, you gain additional insights from its user-friendly analytic reports tracking customer actions.

Essential Ingredient: Incorporate Makeup Virtual Try-On

When creating a mobile app, make the inclusion of virtual try-on absolutely essential. A few years ago, it was enough to offer customers product images, descriptions, and pricing. But those days are gone. To be competitive within the Beauty Industry, virtual try-on—of the highest, most engaging quality—is essential.

Faster App Development Time

Application development time is slashed when incorporating YouCam Makeup into your mobile app. We’ve already done the work for you—and your app benefits from our continual technical evolution, as we continually strive to find new ways to astonish and delight with life-like virtual try-on experiences using an augmented reality mirror.

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Smart Makeup Mirror for In-Store

So far we’ve concentrated attention on the vast realm of online opportunities for virtual try-on technology. This same YouCam Makeup tech can also provide value for in-store deployments. Retailers can provide mobile devices at beauty counters to provide the same “magic mirror” engagement as consumers enjoy online.

Deploying virtual try-on within a store provides some major benefits, including:

Health Factor

Even before COVID-19, consumers were growing leery of using sample lipstick and other products out of concern for how many lips or fingers had tried the sample before... leaving what form of contaminants. COVID-19 placed such concerns on steroids. With the help of a smart makeup mirror, customers can try on products virtually, alleviating such concerns.

30 Shades in 30 Seconds 

Virtual try-on allows customers in a store to accomplish what would otherwise be undoable. With the smart makeup mirror, they  can flip through 30 shades of lipstick within 30 seconds, seeing how each shade looks on their lips, without having to rub it off with tissue before trying the next color. The same is true for everything from foundation to eye shadow to hair color and more.

No More Sample Inventories to Manage

Retailers face a challenge of stocking sufficient samples to keep customers supplied, while tracking re-orders for the most popular items, and dealing with less popular ones.

Environmental Relief

In an age of increased eco consciousness, some consumers don’t approve of the plastic and other materials that go to landfills from single-use sample packets. Another great reason to let your customers try things on virtually.

The Real-World Value of Bringing AI-Powered AR to Smart Makeup Mirror Tech

Perhaps the best way to gauge the power of bringing AI-powered AR to the Beauty Industry is to look at the experiences of those brands who have already embraced the Smart Makeup Mirror technology. From Estée Lauder to Benefit, Aveda to e.l.f., and beyond, Perfect Corp. has helped hundreds of global brands implement AI-powered AR to better connect with consumers and see immediate results.

As platforms, consumer demands, and trends evolve, it's now more important than ever to ensure your brand is meeting customers wherever they are. With personalization and virtual innovation as driving forces, beauty technology is at the forefront of this ever-changing customer experience. 

Smart Makeup Mirror FAQs:

What does a smart beauty mirror do? How do virtual mirror work?

A smart beauty mirror is an interactive mirror integrated with an intelligent device to allow the users to virtually try-on different makeup looks, lipstick colors, eyebrow shapes, foundations, and much more. Smart beauty mirror also possesses the ability for skin detection by measuring the scores of the user's moistures, dark circles, oiliness, and 11 other skin concerns.

How much is the smart mirror?

The smart beauty mirror normally costs from $500-$2000, depending on how many features the mirror has. Contact us to learn the complete features of smart beauty mirrors and get a great price for brands.

How do smart mirrors work in retail?

Smart beauty mirror (virtual mirror) is a powerful tool for integration with e-commerce sites. While sites typically provide virtual try-on for just their own products, a general e-commerce beauty site, carrying products from multiple vendors, can use smart beauty mirror technology to give customers the ability to try on makeup from multiple vendors at the same time.

This provides a rich experience in which a consumer might go to a favorite brand for foundation, and then go to another company for lipstick, another for eye shadow, and still another for hair color. Smart mirror's virtual try-on enables a seamless AR virtual try-on experience for such multi-vendor exploration, which in turn drives brand recognition and sales as consumers mix and match brands to achieve their own custom looks.

Where are smart mirrors used?

Smart mirrors can be used in retailers where they provide mobile devices at beauty counters to provide the same 'magic mirror' engagement as consumers enjoy online. The smart mirror technology can also be used in E-Commerce site, social media, mobile apps and other omnichannel touchpoints.

What are the advantages of smart mirror?

Smart mirror is designed to provide an ultimate personalized shopping experience. With its ability to give the customers the joy of diving into AR virutal try-on for makeup products, it removes the threshold of asking users to download an app to try on the products. Also, the technology is able to gather high-value data to help the brands fine-tune the offering to the customers. Check out brands' experience of integrating the technology.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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