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How Men’s Skincare Brands Can Use AI to Recommend Skincare Regimens
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How Men’s Skincare Brands Can Use AI to Recommend Skincare Regimens

Mar 9, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How Men’s Skincare Brands Can Use AI to Recommend Skincare Regimens

As the men's grooming and skincare industry grows towards a projected worth of $115 billion by 2028, a remarkable transformation is underway. No longer confined to generic one-size-fits-all regimens, men today avidly seek personalized skincare advice and targeted solutions. At the forefront of this evolution is the revolutionary influence of AI skin technology. 

Perfect Corp.'s AI Skin Technology has emerged as a leading tool for men's skincare brands, making skin assessments and personalized product regimens easier than ever. This article delves into the rise of men's skincare and how AI-skin-technology pioneers like Perfect Corp. are reshaping the landscape.

Growing Interest in Men’s Skincare and Men’s Grooming

Men’s skincare and grooming are no longer niche markets. In recent years, more men have shown increasing interest in taking care of their skin and appearance, as well as exploring different products and regimens that suit their needs and preferences. According to a market report by Statista, the global men’s grooming market is projected to increase nearly 50% by 2028, from $80 billion in 2022 to $115 billion. This indicates a huge potential for men’s skincare businesses to tap into this growing market.

Men's skincare market

However, men’s skincare and grooming are not as simple as applying a generic moisturizer or shaving cream. Today, more men seek out targeted skincare regimens from brands — rather than taking the same approach as everyone else. Due to this consumer shift, brands need to adapt to keep their products at the forefront. 

The Power of AI Skin Technology

To improve their skincare marketing to adjust to the growing demand from men, many brands have implemented powerful AI Skin Technology. AI-powered skin tech is a powerful tool that provides users with instant analysis of their skin types and conditions. The tool can automatically recommend products, regimens, and much more to provide the custom skincare regimens men seek.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Technology is a game-changing tool for men’s skincare brands and retailers. The award-winning technology has been verified by dermatologists for its accuracy. The tool can provide men’s skincare customers with a detailed skin assessment in 2 seconds, identifying up to 14 skin concerns, including:

  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Moisture
  • Redness
  • Oiliness
  • Acne
  • Texture
  • Dark circles
  • Eyebags
  • Skin firmness
  • And more

The technology simply integrates with an ecommerce website or in-store kiosk. Then, shoppers can use their device cameras to take a selfie or view the tool live. Simply click scan, and users receive an instant analysis with visuals mapped on their faces.

This data allows brands to provide personalized product regimens to customers, with recommendations embedded into a website’s UX. Users can then click on the products, see what target areas they are made for, and find the perfect tailored solutions for them. The technology can even demonstrate the expected results of using certain products or regimens with accurate AI-powered visual effects. 

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AI Skin Tech in Men’s Skincare: Improving the Consumer Experiences

AI Skin technology can help men’s skincare providers significantly improve their customer experience and satisfaction. The technology offers several benefits for both the customers and the brands, such as:

  • Educate customers about their skin: AI skin technology can help customers learn more about their skin condition, needs, and goals, as well as advise how to combat their target issues. The tool provides an overall Skin Health and Skin Age score to help users understand the state of their skin.
  • Simplify the shopping process: This technology can help customers find the best products for their needs in a matter of seconds, without the need to browse through hundreds of options or rely on trial and error. This saves customers time, money, and hassle. It also enhances and simplifies the overall shopping experience, making the process much more enjoyable.
  • Personalize product offerings: AI skin technology can also help brands and retailers customize their product offerings and recommendations based on the customers’ skin conditions, individual preferences, and feedback. Not only do shoppers enjoy a personalized shopping experience, but retailers also access a powerful marketing tool.

AI Skin Tech in Men’s Skincare: Improving the Consumer Experiences

AI Skin Tech Helps Brands Boost Sales and Conversion

AI skin technology is not only beneficial for customers but also for brands who want to increase their sales and conversion rates. AI Skin technology can provide personalized skincare recommendations to help retailers:

  • Attract and retain more customers: AI-powered skin tech helps skincare brands stand out from the competition and offer a unique and engaging shopping experience. With this unique technology in hand, brands can have their products stand out as the top choices among competitors. Shoppers are more likely to choose these products over others when given detailed and personal data related to the products and become loyal customers. 
  • Increase user engagement: This unique technology keeps shoppers engaged and coming back for more. In fact, for one luxury skincare brand 89% of users return to use the tool an average of 3 times per month. This means users may return to websites offering this tool again and again.
  • Increase purchasing and average order value: AI skin technology also helps brands increase their revenue. Personalized product recommendations mean that customers are more likely to make a purchase. They are also more likely to see the potential benefits of multiple products, which increases the average order value.
  • Reduce returns and complaints: Perfect Corp.’s tech helps ensure that customers receive the most suitable products and regimens for their skin, which reduces the costs and risks associated with returns and complaints. 

AI skin technology has proven to be a powerful and effective tool for men’s skincare brands and retailers, as evidenced by some of the success stories from Perfect Corp.’s clients. For example, Airem, a skincare and wellness spa in New York, saw a 31% increase in clinic visits and a 47% boost in average client spend per visit after using the Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis tool.

Similarly, Beekman 1802, a natural skincare brand in the US, leveraged Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Technology to create a personalized skincare feature on its website and mobile app. As a result, the company saw a double-digit boost in sales and basket sizes.

AI Skin Tech Helps Brands Boost Sales and Conversion

Another luxury skincare company leveraged Perfect Corp.’s AI Skincare Analysis tool on its website. The company enjoyed a 53% increase in average order value as well as increased time spent browsing the website.

Cater to the Growing Demand for Men’s Skincare with Perfect Corp.

Men’s skincare and grooming are booming markets that offer great opportunities for businesses to attract more customers and increase sales. However, to succeed in these markets, brands and retailers need to provide personalization through product and routine recommendations that cater to the individual men's specific needs and preferences. 

AI skin technology can help brands achieve this goal with useful and accessible insights on skin conditions, health, and concern areas. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Technology is a leading solution in this field, trusted by over 600 brands globally and verified by dermatologists.

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