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3 Digital Marketing Strategy Examples with Virtual Try-On

Oct 23, 2021 · 3 minutes read
3 Digital Marketing Strategy Examples with Virtual Try-On

The future of retail is digital, and now more than ever, strong digital marketing strategies are essential for beauty and fashion brands to succeed and effectively engage their consumer base. To compete in this era of digital transformation, brands are integrating new and creative digital experiences to entertain customers along the shopping journey.

AR and AI-powered virtual try-on technology has quickly emerged as an integral component of brand digital marketing strategies. With virtual try-on technology, brands can provide interactive and personalized online shopping experiences. These technologies allow every customer to try-on multiple products digitally to discover their perfect fit.

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Virtual try-on technology has been proven to drive dramatic increases in customer engagement, boost sales conversion, and even reduce product returns, but it can also enhance various aspects of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. Read on to discover 3 ways virtual try-on technology can supercharge engagement and drive strong digital marketing results.

1. Virtual Try-On Can Supercharge a Brand’s Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics in a digital marketing strategy as it allows brands to boost awareness for products by partnering with influencers to create product videos and reviews.

Virtual try-on technology can enhance influencer marketing campaigns by adding an interactive component that drives engagement with the influencer’s large following. With Perfect Corp., brands can now integrate virtual try-on technology into their influencer marketing content to supercharge engagement. These experiences can be incorporated into influencer content across social commerce platforms including YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram to help brands reach new audiences and drive product sales.

Virtual try-on technology can enhance influencer marketing campaignscontact us

In a recent partnership, beauty brand Jane Iredale integrated virtual try-on technology into YouTube TrueView ads featuring brand influencer videos. This allowed viewers to virtually try-on the products and shades that the influencer was promoting in the video directly from the ad experience. This integration proved to be a huge engagement driver with 11% of viewers clicking through to virtually try-on a shade, versus the standard 1% click through rate for ads. Read more about the results here.

2. Virtual Try-On Can Boost Website Engagement Metrics

From an e-commerce digital marketing strategy's perspective, virtual try-on technology has helped hundreds of top beauty brands increase their customer engagement. With this technology, customers are highly engaged with the shopping experience and will often try-on dozens of product shades in one website session. As a result, brands have seen remarkable increases in their e-commerce digital marketing strategy, from key website metrics like engagements and sales numbers.

Brands who have integrated virtual try-on technology often experience triple digital increases in website traffic and time spent on site. Beauty brand Kate Tokyo found that site visitors stayed on the brand’s website 4.3x longer after integrating virtual try-on technology. Additionally, beauty brand Marianna Naturals experienced a 330% increase in website dwell time after launching a virtual try-on experience across their digital channels. Virtual try-on technology can help drive new visitors to brand websites and can help keep customers highly engaged once they are exploring a brand’s website. It is an excellent tool to drive engagement across digital platforms. Learn more about how brands have boosted digital engagement metrics with virtual try-on technology on Perfect Corp.’s brand success story page.

Virtual Try-On Can Boost Website Engagement Metricscontact us

3. Virtual Try-On Drives User Generated Content and Brand Advocacy

Today, authenticity is essential to connect with customers in an impactful way. Many brands leverage user generated content across social media, website, email and other digital marketing campaigns to highlight the brand love and authentic product results posted by brand advocates. With 90% of consumers trusting user generated content to influence their purchasing decisions, it has become an essential aspect of a strong digital marketing strategy for beauty and fashion brands.

Virtual try-on technology provides an engaging shopping experience that helps the customer discover their perfect product, but it also encourages consumers to create and share user generated content highlighting a brand’s products. With virtual try-on technology, customers can try-on many different product shades, see hyper-realistic product results, and easily save their photo. Consumers can share this content with their friends or post on social media.

Virtual Try-On Drives User Generated Content and Brand Advocacycontact us

Virtual try-on technology helps customers discover products that excite them which in turn helps create brand advocates. Brands can highlight this content in user generated content photo streams on their websites and across other digital marketing efforts to highlight the product results that resonate with customers.

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