Cosmoprof 2024: Transform Your Consumer Journey With Our AI & AR Solutions
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Cosmoprof 2024: Transform Your Consumer Journey With Our AI & AR Solutions

Feb 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Cosmoprof 2024: Transform Your Consumer Journey With Our AI & AR Solutions

Join Perfect Corp. at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024, the leading B2B event dedicated to all sectors of the beauty industry. It is the perfect place to present the most innovative products and solutions. For the first time ever, all three shows will open together on Thursday, March 21.

Come visit us from March 21 to March 23 in the Beauty Tech Area in Hall 14 (‘Cosmoprime’). Our booth is located opposite the ‘Extraordinary Gallery’.

Visit Perfect Corp. at Cosmoprof 2024

This year is dedicated to our full suite of ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations, aiming to create a world where beauty and innovation converge. Our team will be delighted to introduce you to the complete range of AR/AI services dedicated to revolutionizing the shopping experience of the beauty industry

1. Skincare Brands: Revolutionizing the Skincare Journey

The advancement of AI skincare over the past 12 months has been tremendous. With Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis Technology, consumers can obtain a personalized skin analysis across 14 skin concerns and 8 skin types. Unlike traditional commercial imaging systems that only provide static or limited skin analysis, Perfect Corp.'s solution can perform skin analysis in real time. This means it can capture and analyze the skin’s condition live using a smartphone camera. By generating a real-time AR overlay to visualize the findings, the tool gives consumers a more comfortable and interactive skincare shopping experience. Using machine learning and deep learning algorithms you can provide your skincare customers with personalized product recommendations.

Personalized product recommendations

With AI skin analysis, it is extremely important to ensure that the diagnostic results are verified by dermatologists and skincare experts. Perfect Corp. has therefore collaborated with experts in the field to ensure the AI skincare technology can provide accurate, meaningful, and validated results.

At Perfect Corp. we are constantly innovating and improving. Currently we are developing HD Pore Analysis as well as Fine Line & Wrinkle Analysis which means that the analysis of pores and wrinkles is now even more precise.

Thanks to collaborative partnerships with skincare brands like Marianna Naturals, Perfect Corp.’s AI skincare service can be trusted by brands and consumers alike. Since launching its AI Skin Analysis experience, the brand has seen a +300% increase in time spent on site and a +30% increase in sales.

2. Beauty Salons, Pharmacies & MedSpas: Skincare Pro, an AI Skin Analysis Solution for iPads including a New CRM Feature

Do you have a beauty salon, med spa or pharmacy? Then our Skincare Pro solution is for you.

AI Skin Scanner for beauty salons, pharmacies & medSpas

Not only can AR and AI analysis software provide an unprecedented level of portability — skin care professionals can now use iPads or even iPhones to perform highly accurate skin analyses.

Skincare Pro is a compact and convenient skin scanner for iOS devices with easy configuration through a self-serve admin console. The solution offers customizable UI configuration and easy device management as well as impressive data analysis tools. During the Cosmoprof Bologna 2024, we’ll introduce our new CRM system which includes store management, beauty advisor management & customer management. Through these new features you can store customers’ data and skin detection history to easily track it. This allows you to offer personalized product recommendations, routines or skincare treatments.

By leveraging this technology, Dr. Eunice Park, certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Founder & CEO of AIREM, has seen average spending per customer rise by 47%. Additionally, the number of guest visits has increased by 31%, and the number of new guest visits has risen by 108%.

3. Beauty Brands: How Virtual Try-On Can Help to Reimagine the Consumer Journey

Virtual try-on and personalized product recommendations not only help to boost consumer confidence when making purchase decisions but also give brands and retailers a chance to reimagine their consumer journey.

How makeup virtual try on benefits beauty brands

The deep learning algorithms that drive AR and AI beauty tech help brands provide mass-scale personalization to consumers. Perfect Corp’s innovative makeup virtual try-on solutions provide users with a virtual mirror for trying-on makeup products and finding their perfect foundation shade. With an extensive range of makeup shades and products, users can experiment with different looks in real-time, right from the convenience of their smartphones or computers. The technology accurately simulates how makeup will appear on an individual's own face, allowing users to make informed decisions and select the perfect products that complement their unique features.

The tool now supports a wider range of blush patterns and textures.

In addition to improving the consumer journey, virtual try-on helps to boost sales. Esteé Lauder for example saw a 2.5 times higher conversion rate with Perfect Corp.’s Lip Virtual Try-On and found increased customer loyalty from Perfect Corp.’s AI-driven iMatch™ Virtual Shade Expert.

4. Nail Polish Brands: Virtual Try-On with New Textures and Press-On Nails

Finding that perfect nail polish shade can be challenging. Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered virtual try on for nails simplifies this undertaking by delivering a real-time ultra-realistic 3D live preview of the nail products directly on consumers’ hands, without messy clean ups and time-consuming application. Let shoppers experiment freely with endless color and style combinations before committing, and deliver an ultra-personalized shopping journey that helps drive sales. Taking advantage of physically based rendering (PBR), our AR nails present digital nail art renderings with unmatched accuracy. We offer various new textures, multi color designs and now even the possibility to try-on press-on nails.

5. Hair Dye Brands & Hairdressers: The Ultimate Hair Color & Hairstyle Try-On

Getting a full virtual hair makeover is effortless and instantaneous with Perfect Corp.’s virtual hair solutions.

Hair Color & Hairstyle Try-On

Allow your customers to virtually try-on different colors and hairstyles before committing to a look. Our AI deep learning algorithms are also able to analyze the users' hair texture via any smart device camera. This allows users to get instant hair care product recommendations.

“We were all blown away by the accuracy of Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR. The color went onto the hair in a completely natural way” says Marwan Zreik, Vice President of American International Industries.

Luxurious hair color brand, Madison Reed, experienced a 38% increase in conversions after implementing the virtual try-on tool.

6. Cosmotalks: 5 Tech Trends in Beauty

Over the course of a three-day conference, Cosmotalks brings together the most relevant brands in the beauty sector to share experiences, forecasts and analyses.

Cosmotalks: 5 Tech Trends in Beauty

We are delighted that, this year, our skincare partner Bakel, who shares interesting insights in using our AI skin analysis, will be among the 70 speakers presenting at the event. Bakel newly launched the easy-to-integrate skincare widget mode, helping to empower their consumers to dive deeper into their skincare journeys and discover products tailored to fit their individual skincare concerns. The speech by Bakel’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Raffaella Gregoris, will take place on Friday 22nd of March at 11 am (CET).

Join us at Cosmoprof by registering here. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the future of the beauty industry with Perfect Corp.’s pioneering solutions!

  • When: March 21 – March 23, 2024
  • Where: Piazza della Costituzione, Bologna, Italy
  • How to find us: Hall 14 (Cosmoprime), Beauty Tech Area

Schedule a meeting with our team and take the first step in revolutionizing your business with AI & AR beauty and fashion tech solutions.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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