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How Virtual Hair Color Try-On Can Drive Salon Visits

Apr 28, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How Virtual Hair Color Try-On Can Drive Salon Visits

Choosing a new hair color can feel overwhelming for many consumers. Dyeing their hair may represent a new and risky commitment or change, especially when they know they may live with this color for weeks or months to come. Consumers want to feel confident in their hair color decision before they go to the salon.

With Perfect Corp.’s AI Virtual Hair Color Try-On technology, hair brands can provide their customers with hyper-realistic hair color simulations that help consumers discover their perfect hair color and shade. This technology drives engagement with brands’ online shops while bringing more customers to salons and boosting sales. 

How Virtual Hair Color Try-On Benefits Your BusinessContact Perfect Corp

Keep reading to learn how Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology creates brand loyalty and increases sales while giving customers the encouragement they need to go to the salon.

Virtual Hair Color Try-On Helps Consumers Feel Confident and Inspired to Visit the Hair Salon

Many consumers feel apprehensive about trying a new hair color. Uncertainty about how their chosen shade will look and worry that they will invest money in a color that doesn’t look the way they hoped can deter them from visiting the salon.

Virtual Hair Color Try-on Drives Consumer AwarenessContact Perfect Corp

By implementing virtual hair color try-on technology on your brand website, consumers can:

  • Visualize how different hair colors and shades will look with their skin tone and overall style
  • Experiment with shades without risk
  • Try on as many colors and shades as they want
  • Discover new hair colors that they love that they may not have previously tried
  • Feel confident about their hair color choices when they go to the salon

With virtual hair color try-on, consumers can save an image of their favorite shade from the virtual try-on experience to show their colorist as inspiration. With virtual try-on images that they can save for later, consumers are more likely to feel satisfied with their hair color when they ultimately visit the salon. 

This satisfaction builds loyalty and trust with brands, encouraging customers to tell others about their experience and return to the same salon and brand when they’re ready for their next hair color transformation.

Virtual Hair Color Try-on Can Drive Consumer Awareness for a Brand’s Unique Hair Color Line

Brands want consumers to request their hair color line by name at the salon. That means driving awareness of their brand becomes a top priority. 

With a virtual hair color try-on experience, brands can highlight specific shades of a hair color line to draw consumer attention and make those shades more immediately recognizable. When a consumer remembers your brand’s promoted hair color, especially if they have already had a positive experience using it, they are more likely to ask for your brand’s color line the next time they visit the salon.

Virtual hair color try-on helps drive consumer awareness for your brand’s hair color products, as it allows customers to see what sets your brand apart from the rest. 

Additional Benefits By Implementing Virtual Hair Color Try-onContact Perfect Corp

When consumers become more aware of your brand, you can see additional benefits, including:

  • Increased sales
  • More website traffic
  • Higher lead conversions
  • Audience expansion
  • Greater brand loyalty

Virtual hair color try-on offers brands a convenient way to promote hair colors for seasonal or trendy looks, as well as new brand-specific shades that the company wants to introduce to consumers. 

For consumers, this means finding their perfect hair color faster while still having the option to continue exploring different colors and shades.

Virtual Hair Color Try-On Has Been Proven to Drive Hair Salon Visits and Sales

Customers are more likely to buy a product after they try it on, and that concept applies to hair colors, too. Because virtual hair color try-on shows customers exactly what they can expect to receive at the salon, that brand confidence encourages more consumers to visit the salon. As a result, brands sell more because more consumers demand their products after seeing them virtually.


When Aveda integrated its virtual hair color try-on tool using Perfect Corp.’s technology, it saw:

Madison Reed

Hair color brand Madison Reed also saw significant results with virtual hair color try-on technology, including a 10x increase in hair color sales and a 38% boost in sales conversions. As with clothing and jewelry, consumers want to see their hair color on themselves before they make an investment at the salon. 

Contact Perfect Corp

When your brand offers customers a way to do that virtually, from the comfort and convenience of their home using their mobile device, those consumers feel safe shopping with your brand knowing that it has their satisfaction in mind. 

Virtual hair color try-on solutions like those from Perfect Corp. make it possible for consumers to have the best possible interaction with your brand. With personalized hair color virtual try-on, consumers have the confidence they need to visit the salon and ask for a new hair color. 

To try Perfect Corp.’s virtual hair color try-on technology and offer this tool for your brand, start your free trial or contact our sales team. To learn more about hair color trends from around the world, read Perfect Corp.’s newest trend report here.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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