How To Offer Virtual Engagement Ring Try On
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How To Offer Virtual Engagement Ring Try On

Oct 18, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How To Offer Virtual Engagement Ring Try On

Engagement rings are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and the importance of finding the right one cannot be overstated. Many people search for rings long before they get engaged, according to Semrush's data in 2022, there are averagely 1.6K google searches per month in the U.S. While consumers often browse jewelry websites online to get a better understanding of ring styles, when jewelry retailers make their ring selection available online to not only look at but try-on virtually, consumers get inspired to find their perfect ring style.

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With Perfect Corp.’s AR virtual ring try-on solution for jewelry brands, consumers can explore any cut, style, and size ring they want, easily and conveniently simply by using their smartphone. Such an innovative technology alleviates customer stress and creates an easy way to find the right ring. This technology gives shoppers an experience they could previously only have in a physical store. 

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How to Virtually Try On Engagement Rings

Perfect Corp.’s virtual ring try-on solution helps jewelry businesses boost sales with a customer-centric service. Its seamless technology allows customers to instantly see how different jewelry styles look without ever leaving their homes.

Step 1: Scan QR Code From a Mobile Phone

Virtual Try On Rings anytime, anywhere.

Shoppers can simply use their mobile devices and try-on different styles using a live-camera view. 

Step 2: Trying Different Styles Using a Live-Camera View.

Try on different rings with Virtual Try On for Rings solution.

During the try-ons, the customers can easily adjust the virtual ring sizes.

This virtual try-ons tool is powered by the trailblazing AgileHand™ technology, which not only provides a hyper-realistic 3D model of the ring style, but also uses precise hand tracking. This ensures that the customer sees a realistic view of the ring from different angles as their hand moves.

When jewelry businesses use Perfect Corp.’s virtual ring try-on solution, they bring hundreds of engagement ring styles directly to their customers, making the shopping journey effortless, fun, and interactive. Customers don't have to imagine how the ring will look or try on a static image, but rather can try-on the ring style through a live camera view.

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Engagement Ring Shopping with Augmented Reality

Engagement Ring Shopping with Augmented Reality

When searching for an engagement ring, AR virtual ring try-on can help consumers choose the perfect style. The innovative technology creates an unparalleled hyper-realistic try-on experience, allowing shoppers to browse a wide selection of rings in just a few minutes.

With this technology, brands can engage customers in an unique way and encourage shoppers to experiment with a seamless, real-time experience on bare fingers simply by enabling the camera. There are no extra markers required to create the virtual experience. The ultra-personalized, high-touch AR Auto Ring Size Detection, powers the best virtual engagement ring try-on experience available on the market today.

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The Technology Behinds Engagement Ring Try-On

Auto Ring Size Detection

Virtual ring try-on requires no special equipment, and as long as shoppers have a camera on their device, they can use the innovative solution. The tool is highly flexible and adapts to each customer’s unique features. It also uses Auto Ring Size Detection to determine each consumer’s ring size. 

Auto Ring Size Detection can determine each consumer’s ring size.Get a FREE Demo for Virtual Ring Try On

The AgileHandTM technology

Perfect Corp.’s AgileHandTM technology perfectly analyzes the user's fingers to create a hyper-realistic virtual try-on experience. Powered by AgileHandTM technology, AR ring renderings fit perfectly on the user's fingers, with full hand-movement support, and without the need for external positioning markers.

Tissue Compression Emulation Technology

Tissue Compression Emulation technology simulates the repositioning of tissue around the AR ring, giving shoppers the most accurate preview of the final result.

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Omnichannel Experience

With engagement ring virtual try-on from Perfect Corp., jewelry stores enable consumers to try on any piece they want from any location. Whether they use a mobile app, visit the online website, or even consult with a representative in-store, this versatile technology makes it possible for consumers to try on many different ring styles quickly and easily. 

Perfect Corp.’s AgileHand™ technology is highly flexible. It’s supported by several devices and platforms, including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • all major browsers on macOS and Windows

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As a result, jewelry brands can create a hyper-engaging omnichannel shopping experience that engages consumers across multiple platforms.

What Does the Consumer Want?

Many consumers will search online when looking to purchase engagement rings. According to the 2020 Jewelry & Engagement Study, 33% of consumers looked for their choices online and 11% used social media to contact retailers.

▼33% of consumers look for choices of purchasing engagement rings online.

33% of consumers look for choices of purchasing engagement rings online

A jewelry trend study also reveals top searches online when researching engagement rings. The most popular searches are:

Diamond Sizes

The most popular diamond sizes for consumers are between 1.00-1.25 ct.

Diamond Cuts

Most consumers (60%-70%) search for an excellent cut grade.

Metal Jewelry

The most popular jewelry metal searches is 14k white gold (40%), followed by 14k yellow gold (15%), and then 18k white gold (11%).

The current AR technology is able to present the desired diamond sizes, cuts, and metals.

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How Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On Increases Sales

The fact that consumers can virtually try-on many different ring styles from the comfort of their home, which brings an entertaining and immersive experience to the engagement ring shopping process.

They see which styles align with their preferences best, which is incredibly beneficial as engagement ring shopping can often feel overwhelming due to:

  1. The significance of the occasion
  2. The time it takes to go to a jeweler, try on and choose a ring
  3. The number of diamond cuts, shapes, and styles available
  4. The cost of their chosen ring

Virtual try-on technology provides an engaging, immersive experience to consumers who are looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Additionally, when customers feel that a brand understands their needs, they are more likely to recommend that brand to others and return in the future. This technology helps consumers feel more confident about the ring style they choose to invest in, which can lead to many benefits for brands including:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Meaningful customer connections and brand loyalty
  3. Increased brand awareness
  4. Greater business growth
  5. Improved brand trust
  6. Higher digital engagement and online interactions

Augmented reality jewelry try on solutions drive higher revenue.
▲ Augmented reality jewelry try on solutions drive higher revenue.

AR virtual try-on for engagement rings helps brands focus on providing the best possible engagement ring shopping experience. It provides a superior shopping experience, which works to increase jewelry sales.

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