Best Virtual Makeup Try-On Online Service
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Best Virtual Makeup Try-On Online Service

Oct 25, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Virtual Makeup Try-On Online Service

Virtual try-on technology has allowed small, medium, and indie makeup brands to improve the buying experience while staying relevant in a competitive industry. With Perfect Corp.’s recently released virtual makeup try-on online service, brands can offer a proven solution to boosting sales while maintaining a customer-centric business model. Keep reading to learn how AR virtual try-on can benefit small and medium beauty brands with an easy-to-implement tool.

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What Is Virtual Makeup Try On?

Perfect Corp.’s innovative virtual try-on technology makes it possible for consumers to conveniently explore different categories of makeup products in real time.

The Most Flexible Virtual Try-On Solution for Small, Medium, or Indie Makeup Brands

Now, customers shopping with small and medium beauty brands can also virtually try on makeup before purchasing with the newly developed virtual try-on widget.

It uses embedded iFrame integration and apps for several methods of virtual try-on, so customers can take advantage of the hyper-realistic virtual try-on across various platforms.

The Capabilities

The virtual try-on widget is available for several makeup product categories, including:

  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • False eyelashes
  • Foundation

With each product, consumers can further adjust and personalize such elements as color and shade, texture, and coverage intensity to see the product as they would apply it in real life.

Multiple Patterns & Textures

Shoppers can view eyelash styles with over 40 patterns, and there are even more patterns and textures to choose from with makeup products like indie eye shadow brands, which offer more than 170 patterns to try.

Consumers can choose between live mode try-ons, photo try-ons, or select a sample model to view their chosen product on someone with a similar complexion.

They can also view the before and after images to see the difference their chosen product makes for them side by side.

With the virtual try-on zoom effect, consumers can see close-up areas for a more realistic experience. These options increase confidence in indie and small makeup brands when consumers experience virtual try-on technology that functions even better than a mirror.

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AgileFace™ Technology Ensures the Smoothest Virtual Try-On Experience

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AgileFace™ virtual try-on technology allows small beauty brands to compete with industry leaders with its accurate face-analyzing tech. This AI-powered technology makes it possible to personalize the consumer experience that enhances the shopping experience.

AgileFace™ has proven itself to be the best in the beauty industry by:

  • Improving jitter-free AR performance by 200%
  • Boosting overlay accuracy by 20%
  • Offering a more secure platform for consumers
  • Creating a fully inclusive tool for all genders and ethnicities
  • Implementing an energy-efficient tool

Each of these factors combines to bring brands and their customers the most realistic and accurate virtual try-on tool.

It allows consumers to view makeup products from every angle so they feel confident in their purchase and are likely to return time and time again.

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Easiest Integration Process for Makeup Brands

Perfect Corp.’s makeup try-on online service works well for small and indie makeup brands because of its efficient setup.

Brands can create virtual SKUs in minutes, and the widget requires minimal coding

How to Create SKUs?

The platform allows for efficient management of AR SKUs by clicking the product and adding information as needed. The platform creates an organized inventory system that makes sense for consumers as they try on products.

Minimal Coding

With its autogenerated code segments, brands only need to copy and paste or click the category to which that product belongs.

Perfect Corp.'s Makeup Online service requires minimal coding.

30-Day Free Trial

For small makeup brands, budgeting may not allow for expensive experimental resources like virtual try-on. Perfect Corp. allows brands to try makeup try-on online service with a free 30-day trial to understand how beneficial the solution is for their businesses.

There are no hidden costs, making it a risk-free product that can only serve to improve the buying experience.

Read our complete guide to beauty tech to see all the benefits virtual try-on can have for small makeup brands.

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Why Beauty and Makeup Brands Love Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On boosts customer engagement.

Virtual try-on functions as a customer-centric solution, but it also comes with many benefits for brands.

Lower Return Rates

Brands that incorporate AI & AR virtual try-on technology from Perfect Corp. see lower return rates, as customers know how their chosen product looks on them before they commit to a purchase. As a result, they feel more confident in the brand and worry less about the product not matching their skin tone or choosing the wrong shade.

Explore More Products

Virtual try-on boosts customer engagement on brand websites by offering a way to explore as many colors, shades, and textures as they want.

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology also shows:

  • Makeup from various angles
  • How makeup looks in different lighting
  • How colors and textures look with movement

Integrate with Marketing Campaigns

This hyper-realistic virtual try-on solution leads to higher conversion rates, whether that means signing up for a mailing list or special offer or making a purchase. It ultimately builds trust so that consumers continue to engage with and purchase from the brand while recommending it to others.

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Brand Case Studies: How Did Virtual Try-On Help?

For many indie makeup brands, virtual try-on has already made a difference in sales and customer engagement. Overall, virtual try-on has created a critical shift in the beauty industry and benefits to customers and brands with:

  • Personalized shopping experiences
  • Adaptability to brands of various sizes
  • Increased conversion rates and purchasing confidence
  • Attracting new customers
  • A cohesive shopping experience across platforms

Brand Case Studies: How Did Virtual Try-On Help?

Kate Makeup Lab

Virtual Try-on technology has helped many small & medium beauty brands elevate their business. Kate Makeup Lab implemented KATE SCAN powered by Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology, which lets consumers try on makeup products while learning how to apply them in real life.

The brand’s customers responded positively with feedback about what they learned, and the brand saw 30 times more website traffic.


Similarly, tarte saw a 30% increase in add-to-cart, 200% more sales with customers who used virtual try-on, and a triple-digit boost in the time visitors spent on its site.

It saw a double-digit reduction in customer service calls asking for help choosing a foundation shade because virtual try-on offered that service.


e.l.f. also experienced a 200% higher conversion rate and 953,000 virtual try-on sessions in the first quarter after implementing the technology.

Perfect Corp.’s makeup try-on online service solution allows consumers to explore endless shades and makeup combinations while boosting conversions, improving sales, and increasing engagement.

Start a free trial today or contact Perfect Corp.’s brand success team to learn more about how virtual try-on can transform small and indie makeup brands.

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