9 Interesting Virtual Makeover and Try-On Experiences
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9 Interesting Virtual Makeover and Try-On Experiences

Sep 15, 2022 · 3 minutes read
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Technology has become the driving force for innovation in many industries, including beauty and fashion. Any brand that plans to stay relevant needs to integrate virtual makeup try-on technology to enhance the shopping experience, succeed with marketing, and continue to innovate. Many brands have not only implemented virtual makeover technology but expanded upon its uses to make it even more beneficial for consumers and improve their sales figures.

Why Virtual Makeover is a Must-Have Tool for Brands

Reasons why virtual makeover is a must-have toolContact Perfect Corp.

While many large brands have had tremendous success with virtual makeover tools, this technology helps businesses of all sizes. Virtual try-on experiences use AR (augmented reality) simulation to offer hyper-realistic imaging that even accounts for the consumer’s facial contours. With it, brands see benefits like:

  • Boosted sales and engagement
  • Larger shopping cart purchases
  • More time spent on site
  • Increased market penetration
  • Boosted website traffic and dwell time

Below, we compare 9 interesting virtual try-on experiences from various brands that have seen notable results. Also, take a look at our Complete Guide to Beauty Tech.

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale partnered with Perfect Crop. and lets customers try on several shades and styles in minutesContact Perfect Corp.

How It Works

Perfect Corp.’s virtual makeup technology allows consumers to upload a photo of themselves or use the live makeup camera to apply lip color, foundation, mascara, and more. Once the consumer uploads their image, all they have to do is tap on the makeup type and color they want to see.

Notable Features

Jane Iredale’s partnership with Perfect Corp. lets customers navigate quickly from one makeup item to the next so they can try on several shades and styles in minutes. Its AgileFace® tracking technology offers the most precise face tracking and hyper-realistic results with a high level of accuracy and inclusivity.


SENSAI’s virtual try-on solutionContact Perfect Corp.

How It Works

SENSAI’s virtual try-on solution allows consumers to upload their photos, use the live makeup camera, or choose a model to view their preferred makeup. Consumers can select which product category they would like to view, as well as specific products within those categories.

Notable Features

With AgileFace® technology from Perfect Corp., SENSAI lets consumers go beyond trying single makeup products. This technology creates certainty for customers and encourages them to buy their chosen products.

Style Caster

How It Works

Style Caster’s virtual try-on simulator lets consumers choose a model or upload a photo to give themselves a celebrity makeover. It shows users makeup, hairstyles, and accessories and models its looks after celebrities, so consumers can try on looks they know they love.

Notable Features

Style Caster’s virtual try-on interface has the option to apply a full makeup look, so consumers don’t have to create one from scratch. This makes it easy for consumers to explore the looks they love and adjust them to complement their features.


How It Works

As consumers browse Avon products, they can select the Try It On option to bring up the brand’s virtual try-on simulator. They then upload a photo or choose a model and can explore shades of the product they want to try on.

Notable Features

Avon’s virtual try-on makes it especially easy for consumers to see the exact product they want without searching through dozens of brands. It displays all brands and shades in a user-friendly format to make it easy to navigate.

Marie Claire

How It Works

By clicking on each tab, Marie Claire’s simulator will bring up various shades and styles in the sidebar, so consumers can view products down to their texture. It even allows customers to see different nail colors and patterns.

Notable Features

Marie Claire goes beyond makeup with its virtual try-on solution. It allows consumers to put together a look that conveniently coordinates their makeup with other parts of their style, including hair and nails.

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Contact Perfect Corp.


How It Works

L'Oréal’s virtual hair simulator brings consumers styles and colors to try before they take the leap in real life. They can try a new hairstyle or choose color-only and apply various lengths, colors, and effects to their hair.

Notable Features

L'Oréal’s virtual hair tool lets consumers explore styles before they commit. They can take their look to their stylist and ensure they create the perfect style.

Easy Hairstyler

How It Works

Easy Hairstyler’s comprehensive virtual try-on is head-to-toe simulators available. It lets consumers explore hair, makeup, and even colored contact lenses and tanning lotion.

Notable Features

When consumers can have everything they need in one space, they can coordinate their look more easily and buy the products they need all at once. It also lets them try trendy looks and get inspired by different style ideas.


How It Works

MARYKAY’s Mirror Me™ virtual try-on uses the camera to let consumers apply their makeup in real time. By tapping the sidebar icon, they can explore everything from concealer to eye shadow and lip colors.

Notable Features

This simulator shows the user how they look from every angle with their chosen makeup. It gives them a real-time look at their makeup, and they can adjust the coverage according to their preference.

Learn how virtual makeup technology works and the latest capabilities here>

Brands’ Story Examples: How to Increase Sales With Virtual Makeover Tools

Jane Iredale

With Perfect Corp.'s solution powered by the AgileFace® technology, Jane Iredale saw its click rate increase from 1% to 11% of people using its virtual try-on technology.

The brand experienced a 300% boost in session time and 22% higher brand awareness. VTO doubled its conversion rate and increased basket size by over 10%.

Furthermore, the brand worked closely with Perfect Corp. to create the YouTube TrueView in-stream ad for Jane Iredale’s Beyond Matte Lip Fixation Stain, also incorporating VTO. The YouTube ad had a 51% view rate which was nearly double what the brand was expecting to see.

How virtual try on solutions helps Jane Iredale.Contact Perfect Corp.


NARS saw a 300% higher conversion rate after integrating Perfect Corp. technology. Customer order size increased by 10% due in part to increased confidence after implementing virtual try-on. Consumers also tried on an average of 27 lip colors with VTO.

How virtual try on solution helps NARS.Contact Perfect Corp.

The Secret Behind Virtual Makeup Try On — AgileFace® Tracking Technology

Jane Iredale, MAC, and NARS all saw success using Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on powered by the AgileFace® technology. Such innovative solutions help brands boost customer confidence, provide a more comprehensive shopping experience, and increase sales. Try Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology when you start a free trial or contact our sales team to learn more.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and join the fashion tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty and fashion tech solutions trusted by over 400 brands globally.

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