15 Best Marketing Ideas to Drive Cosmetics and Jewelry Sales for Mother’s Day 2024

15 Best Marketing Ideas to Drive Cosmetics and Jewelry Sales for Mother’s Day 2024

Apr 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
15 Best Marketing Ideas to Drive Cosmetics and Jewelry Sales for Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day is an important celebration of the women who brought the next generation into the world. For makeup, skincare, and jewelry businesses, this can be a great marketing opportunity. 

Incorporating some key Mother’s Day marketing ideas can take a store’s holiday sales to the next level.

Top Gifts for Mother’s Day

Some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts are the things that make Mom feel beautiful. Luxury makeup and skincare products make great presents, especially if they’re something she might not buy for herself. Jewelry can also make her feel special, especially if it includes a birthstone or a special image.

The highest-spending categories this year are predicted to be:

  1. Apparel: 29%
  2. Beauty and makeup: 18%     
  3. Jewelry: 16%

Since these products make such popular gifts, however, there are many brands to choose from. In order to stand out, makeup, skincare, and jewelry businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of Mother’s Day sale ideas.

15 Marketing Tools for Mother’s Day 2024

Below are some of the best Mother’s Day sales tools businesses can use to attract customers.

1. Use Virtual Try-On Tools to Match Makeup Shades

Cosmetics businesses can use virtual makeup try-on tools to help customers find the perfect shade for Mom. Whether they want to match her favorite shade or find a new color she’ll love, providing virtual try-on tools can help them choose the perfect palette. Advances in VTO software mean makeup try-ons appear photorealistic, so Mom’s loved ones can pick out the exact shade of lipstick or blush that's right for her — no snooping through her vanity required.

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2. Get the Right Formula With AI Skin Diagnostics

Skin diagnostic AI can analyze Mom’s skin to help customers find the perfect skincare products. A comprehensive skin analysis takes the guesswork out of choosing skincare treatments for Mom, helping customers feel confident in their gift purchase. Perfect Corp.’s AI skin analysis is dermatologist-verified to diagnose a variety of skin conditions and recommend a personalized treatment plan that will make Mom glow.

3. Hit the Mark With Jewelry VTO

To drive jewelry sales for Mother’s Day, retailers can incorporate virtual jewelry try-ons in an online store to help Dad or the kids find the perfect gift for Mom. With jewelry VTO, they can see how a ring or necklace might look on her before purchasing, ultimately reducing remorse and disappointment by ensuring the chosen item matches expectations and preferences. Furthermore, Perfect Corp.’s ring sizer and wrist sizer technology offer precise measurements, ensuring accurate jewelry sizing and reducing the likelihood of purchasing the wrong size, greatly enhancing Mom’s satisfaction on her special day.

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4. Take Advantage of SEO

Any business can apply search engine optimization techniques to its online store, blog, or social media presence, for example, with the use of an AI SEO tool such as Junia AI. Keywords related to Mother’s Day gifting can draw in customers searching for ideas.

5. Use Social Media to Reach Younger Customers

The best businesses take advantage of trends in social media marketing. Many platforms, such as TikTok and Facebook, allow users to make a purchase directly in the app, a shopping habit that has taken off with Gen Z consumers. A variety of content featuring different Mother's Day products can appeal to different audiences.

6. Host a Special Giveaway

People love a chance to get something for free. A giveaway can be run in a few different ways. Stores could offer an entry with each purchase over a certain amount, or a business could also use a giveaway to drive social media engagement. Followers can nominate their mom for a special gift, or they can enter the giveaway in exchange for sharing or engaging with specific posts.

7. Offer Exclusive Sales

Of course, exclusive Mother’s Day sales are a great way to bring in business. Offering discounts on popular gifts such as makeup and jewelry can give sellers a leg up on their competition. Likewise, special coupons providing free products or additional discounts with larger purchases can entice customers to spend more than they might have otherwise.

8. Inspire Loyalty With Rewards

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to increase sales all year long. Loyalty program sign-ups can come with extra rewards, bonus points, or member discounts in honor of Mother’s Day. Businesses can also use the contact info they collect from their rewards app to send out personalized marketing material through emails or texts.

9. Reach Out Individually Through Email

Using an email list for personalized marketing is a great way for businesses to ensure their content gets in front of their target customers. Mother’s Day-related email marketing could include discounts or coupons, a Mother’s Day gift guide suggesting some best-selling products, or a link to a virtual try-on tool, through which customers can see how a product will actually look on their mom.

10. Create a Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide

Choosing a Mother’s Day gift can be stressful. Jewelers and cosmetics businesses can take some of that stress away by creating an online Mother’s Day gift guide for some of the most popular products for the holiday. Dads or kids might get overwhelmed by how many options there are. Narrowing down the choices can make it a little easier for them, knowing that other moms have liked the same products.

11. Offer Prepacked Surprise Boxes

Current trends favor subscription boxes and surprise gifts, which can make it easier for a kid or partner to pick out something Mom will love. Sometimes circumstances can lead to a mother buying her own gift, so this is also a great way to keep it a surprise for her in such cases. Bonus: Posting sneak peeks and unboxing videos on social media can drive additional sales.

12. Consider the Perfect Pairing

Cross-marketing can increase sales for two brands at the same time. Businesses can combine key gifts with other products, either from their own store or from a marketing partner, to give customers a better deal while spoiling Mom even more.

13. Think About the Target Audience

Remember, when marketing for Mother’s Day, moms aren’t usually the ones buying. The target audience should actually be their families — partners, children, and even their own parents or siblings may be the ones shopping for a mother.

14. Sell a Story

When a business sells a product, it's not just selling the physical item. Businesses can make Mother’s Day sales more special by creating a story around their products. A narrative around how special a product will be for Mom, or even a real customer story, can elicit genuine emotion. 

15. Look Beyond Sales

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s important to create content that isn’t focused on selling products. Customers don’t want to feel like they’re always being marketed to. All businesses should post some content that educates their audience or tells a story in between their product placement posts.

Help Customers Celebrate Mom With Perfect Corp.'s VTO Solutions

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on tech can keep businesses ahead of the curve. Find out how our AI solutions can help jewelry and cosmetics businesses improve their Mother’s Day marketing strategy in 2024. 

Contact us to book a demo and get started.

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