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5 Examples of Beauty Brands Using Augmented Reality in Powerful Ways

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
5 Examples of Beauty Brands Using Augmented Reality in Powerful Ways

Over the past year, the beauty industry has gone through a digital transformation, influenced largely by a growing demand for brands to provide personalized digital experiences to consumers. Augmented Reality has been at the forefront of this digital transformation, with many brands integrating virtual try-on and AI-powered website skin diagnostic tools to provide consumers with customized product recommendations and increased purchasing confidence. 

With powerful data and amazing results to back it up, augmented reality and virtual try-on tools are becoming an essential component of a successful omni-channel strategy in the beauty space. Read on to learn how 5 beauty brands leveraged augmented reality to create powerful digital experiences. 

Tarte Cosmetics Drives +200% Increase in Sales with Virtual Try-On

With the pandemic forcing stores to close, there were limited opportunities for Tarte Cosmetics’ consumers to experiment with new products and makeup shades. Faced with this challenge, Tarte Cosmetics sought to optimize the online shopping experience by bringing the in-store experience to consumers through augmented reality.

Tarte Cosmetics observed +200% in conversion
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Tarte Cosmetics chose to partner with Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup App, allowing consumers to virtually try on different shades and products. After observing increased traffic to the brand from the YouCam app, Tarte Cosmetics decided to bring Perfect Corp.’s AR technology to to create an engaging and personalized on-site experience. 

The virtual try-on integration proved to be monumental for Tarte Cosmetics’ digital engagement and online sales. After integrating AR, Tarte Cosmetics observed a +200% increase in conversion for consumers interacting with virtual try-on, a triple-digital increase in time spent on site, and a +30% increase in product add-to-carts. The brand also experienced a double-digit reduction in customer service calls as consumers felt more confident in the personalized product recommendations provided through virtual try-on. 

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Aveda Increases Salon Locator Website Traffic 5x with AI-Powered Haircolor Virtual Try-On

As a brand rooted in providing the best natural ingredients and hair experiences to consumers, Aveda saw there was a need to create a super-realistic hair color try-on tool that would inspire consumers to seek out an Aveda salon for their next haircolor transformation. 

To ensure the most realistic results, Aveda partnered with Perfect Corp. to build a virtual try-on experience that would drive digital transformation for the brand. What set Perfect Corp.’s technology apart was its’ combination of artificial intelligence with augmented reality to create the most lifelike and accurate depiction haircolors. This hyper-realistic depiction allowed consumers to try on different haircolors, get inspired, and save the images on their phone to take with them to an Aveda salon. What’s more, this powerful combination of AR and AI technologies created results so real that Aveda stylists could trust the images and work from them to create these haircolor looks for guests. 

Aveda has 5x increase in site trafficContact us

Aveda’s haircolor virtual try-on tool drove a 5x increase in site traffic to the brand salon location finder, a +112% increase in time spent on site and a +14% increase in average order value for consumers who used the virtual try-on tool. 

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Allure Drives Digital Transformation in Print with 6.5 Million Virtual Try-Ons

For its November issue, Allure Magazine wanted to bring new excitement and interactivity to readers. Looking to bridge the gap between print and digital, Allure brought the experience of a beauty store to readers through augmented reality and virtual try-on. 

Allure decided to partner with Perfect Corp. to integrate a virtual try-on experience in Perfect Corp.’s award-winning YouCam makeup app. With Perfect Corp.’s technology, Allure was able to ensure realistic results that mirrored what makeup actually looks like on real people, from lipstick to blush to eye shadow. 

Allure Drives Digital Transformation in PrintContact us

For the interactive experience, readers would scan a QR code from the magazine to download Perfect Corp.’s free YouCam Makeup app. The app would then take readers to a special Allure section of the app where they could try on trending makeup looks. The campaign was a homerun and ultimately drove +6.5 Million virtual try-ons

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Marianna Naturals Boosts Website Traffic +300% Through AI-Powered Skincare Quiz

Natural skincare brand Marianna Naturals wanted to create a personalized shopping journey for consumers using augmented reality and AI.  With the increased consumer demand for personalization in skincare, Marianna Naturals knew there was a need for an online diagnostic that would analyze a user’s skin, provide a customized product recommendation, and allow the consumer to track their skin’s progress over time. 

For this initiative, Perfect Corp. engineered an AI-powered skin diagnostic to provide Marianna Naturals with a real-time skincare analysis. The diagnostic used AI-trained 3D-facial analysis, and deep learning technology to precisely analyze four key elements of the skin: wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles.

This AI technology allowed Marianna Naturals to provide consumers with a personalized product regimen catered to the specific needs of their skin. Consumers could then use the tool to track the improvement and progression of their skin health over time.

Marianna Naturals Boosts Website Traffic +300% Through AI-Powered Skincare QuizContact us

After implementing the AI skincare diagnostic, Marianna Naturals observed an immediate increase in digital engagement. The brand experienced a +30% increase in sales after launching the tool as well as a +300% increase in overall site traffic. Marianna Naturals also found that consumers who used the AI skincare diagnostic spent +330% more time on site vs. the site average. 

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Decorte Increases Time Spent on Site +32% with AI Skincare Diagnostic and Virtual Try-On

Decorté is known around the world for cutting-edge dermatological research and groundbreaking skincare technologies. To provide consumers with a more personalized online skincare shopping experience, Decorte partnered with Perfect Corp. to create an immersive experience combining AR and AI technologies.

Decorte’s on-site experience included a digital skin analytics application to help customers understand the precise nature of their current skin condition. The brand also integrated a virtual try-on experience for customers wanting to explore Decorté cosmetics. 

Decorte Increases Time Spent on Site +32% with AI Skincare Diagnostic and Virtual Try-OnContact us

After implementing AR and AI-powered beauty tech, Decorte observed enhanced engagement and sales with customers spending 32% longer on the Decorté website. The brand also drove an +85% increase in sales for products discovered through virtual try-on. 

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